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Speaking to someone about an unexpected death of a family member is important to help in the healing process. When this death has been caused by another party because of negligent behavior, it’s vitally important that you and your family have an advocate on your side.

Unexpected accidents occur frequently and many of them result in serious injuries or even death. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi-truck accidents, pedestrian accidents are just a few of the causes that may result in a wrongful death case.

Depending on the cause and the party responsible, you and your family often have the legal right to file a wrongful death claim and seek compensation from that party. To know whether you have a case, we advise that you seek the counsel of a top Alabama litigation lawyer to review the details of the incident to know if you have a legitimate claim. Steve Morris Attorney at Law is solid law firm in the North Eastern Al area and has been representing victims of wrongful death cases for over 20 years.

The Best Law Firms Will Explain Alabama’s Wrongful Death Laws During Your Initial Consultation

Alabama’s wrongful death legal statutes will allow a decedent’s family members to file a lawsuit in most cases. Recouping money from the at fault party for causing their loved one’s death will not completely right the wrong, but it will ease the financial burdens that may be caused by the loss of the loved one.

The amount of money or damages awarded can vary from family to family. This can be dependent on the circumstances of the accident, and the cumulative loss associated with the death of the victim. The damages awarded in a wrongful death claim are calculated by taking several factors into account and are meant to compensate the family for funeral expenses, burial expenses, pain and suffering of survivors, and lost income of the deceased family member.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim in Alabama?

Even though someone may leave behind many loved ones, there are only certain people legally permitted to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Alabama. In most case this would include the following:

  • Surviving spouse – This person has priority
  • Surviving children of deceased – In the case of no surviving spouse
  • Parents of deceased – If no spouse or children
  • Siblings of victim
  • Nieces and nephews
  • Grandparents and then the victim’s lineal descendants

Determining if you have the legal right to file this type of lawsuit can have complexity. But having an experienced law firm such as Steven R Morris Law as your advocate can eliminate any stress in this situation by letting them do the research. They will advise you in a timely manor of the best steps to take, and if you even have the legal right to file a wrongful death claim.

Proving Liability in a Wrongful Death Claim near Anniston Al

Certain elements must be proven in order for you to receive compensation in a wrongful death claim. With the complexity of being in a courtroom and a hearing, it’s always best to have an experienced attorney in your corner.

You’ll need to prove certain elements such as:

  • The defendant had a legal duty to protect the decedent from death and did not. For example; negligent driving by the defendant can be enough reason to be awarded a judgement. We all have a legal duty to drive responsibly when behind the wheel, so anyone not doing so could be at fault in an auto accident.
  • The defendant breached their legal duty by being the cause of any type of accident, including but not limited to car accidents.

Wrongful Death Cases and the Types of Damages Recoverable

Wrongful death claims and types of damages recoverableWrongful death claims are almost always complex and confusing. The damages awarded can range greatly, depending on the skill and experience of the advocate you have fighting on your behalf.

Let our skilled wrongful death attorneys provide you the advice and help you need with every legal aspects of this difficult time in your life. As the survivor of the deceased, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Alabama and recover the following three different types of damages if your case is won:

  • Compensation for the loss of the loving relationship, companionship, and comfort. Spouses can also recover compensation for loss of consortium of deceased.
  • Compensation for the loss of the services. Whatever the decedent would have provided in the household in the future can be awarded in the judgement.
  • Compensation for the loss of the financial support that the deceased provided to the surviving family members prior to his or her death.

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