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Welcome to our Jacksonville, Al location for Steven R Morris, Attorney at Law. Our firm is an experienced Calhoun County personal injury law firm, representing Alabama victims and their families for over 20 years. Maybe this is the first time you’ve considered calling an injury attorney? You’re possibly experiencing pain, discomfort, maybe faced with unexpected medical bills, time off of work and you’re just not sure what to do? If you’re looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville, Alabama or anywhere in the North East Alabama region… you’re in the right place. Steve Morris Law is your advocate when you’re needing justice for any wrongdoing that you’ve encountered.

With 20 years of experience, our in-depth knowledge, we seek tailor-made, targeted solutions. We focus our practice in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, criminal defense, family law and probate administration. Browse through our website to learn more about our legal practice and the areas of law in which we focus.

Not Sure What Steps to Take, or What To Do?
Follow the steps below before talking to anyone about your claim.

Step 1 – Contact An Experienced Jacksonville, AL Personal Injury Law Firm

It’s critically important to your financial and physical well-being to consult an attorney, no matter what! Even if you’re dealing with your own insurance company, please trust us… they don’t have YOUR best interest at heart. Our founder, Steve Morris, always says it’s better to be safe and cautious, rather than sorry. The fact is, once you’ve talked to your insurance company, whatever you’ve said… can’t be undone.

Step 2 – Don’t Settle With the Insurance Company Before Consulting a Calhoun Co. Injury Attorney First.

We get it and we know that the insurance companies will offer you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to settle. But once you do… you’ve surrendered your rights! We also understand that money they’re tempting you with may really come in handy right now to cover medical bills, rent, and other living expenses. However, because you’re an unrepresented individual, you are extremely vulnerable to settling quickly and for nowhere nearly enough money. You’re honest and probably expect the best from everyone. All to often we hear someone say something along these lines… “But all I told them was the truth.” We hear it all the time. Of course, we expect you’ll tell the truth, but our goal, and quite frankly our job, is to protect and represent you first. Every insurance company’s first obligation is to itself and its share holders… not you. Even the most educated, and most clever person is no match for the armies of councilors dedicated to protecting the insurance company’s interest.

Insurance companies are very large, very sophisticated, well-funded and know the loopholes and laws. They all share data and they have hundreds of lawyers in different departments and regions. I can promise you they’ll tell you anything and everything to get you to settle without getting a car accident lawyer or injury attorney in Alabama involved.

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