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Cases We Handle

Medical malpractice can happen in a hospital, doctor’s office or outpatient facility. We handle many types of medical malpractice claims.

Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis

A doctor making the wrong diagnosis, or a delayed diagnosis, may cause harm to a patient.

Surgery and medical procedures

Medical procedures, including surgery, should be performed with knowledge and skill. Care providers should monitor the patient for complications throughout treatment.

Testing and interpreting test results

Errors during medical testing, and incorrectly interpreting test results, may prevent a patient from getting the care they need.

Prescription drug authorization and administration

Prescription medications should be administered when appropriate and with reasonable skill.

Discharge decisions and follow-up care

A patient shouldn’t be discharged from care if it is not safe to do so. When they are discharged, they should be given instructions for self-care and when to seek additional medical attention.

Patient mix-ups, record errors

Care providers must ensure that they are treating the right patient. They must give the correct treatment, avoiding record mistakes and mix-ups that can cause harm.

Foreign object left in the body

Leaving a foreign object in the body following surgery, like a sponge or surgical instrument, can cause a patient serious injury.

Failing to treat, inadequate attention

Competent medical care means understanding the patient’s needs and responding in a timely matter. Insufficient attention can amount to malpractice.

Unneeded medical procedures

Health care providers should perform medical procedures when it is appropriate. Doing unnecessary things may be grounds for a legal claim.

Failing to warn of risks

Determining the correct course of action for a patient requires weighing the risks. It’s important that the patient understands the risks so that they can make an informed choice for their care.

Other poor medical care

We handle many types of medical malpractice. Our experienced team works for justice for medical malpractice victims.

Do I have a medical malpractice claim in Anniston, AL?

You may have a medical malpractice claim in Anniston, AL if:

  • You received medical care.
  • The health care provider committed malpractice. They lacked care, skill or diligence, based on reasonable standards.
  • Because of their actions, you suffered injury.
  • You have damages that deserve compensation.

When you seek medical attention, you have the right to competent care. Medical malpractice occurs when health care is sub-standard. A health care professional is responsible for damages when they don’t exercise reasonable skill, care or diligence in providing health care services.

Who may be responsible for medical malpractice?

Parties who may be responsible for medical malpractice include:

  • Doctor, physician
  • Medical practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Hospital, medical institution, corporation
  • Others directly involved in the delivery of health care

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Anniston, AL Medical Malpractice Laws

Alabama law applies to medical malpractice in Anniston and the surrounding areas. The Alabama Medical Liability Act creates legal standards and procedures for claims.

What is the legal standard for medical malpractice in Anniston, AL?

The legal standard for medical malpractice in Anniston, AL is the level of skill, care and diligence of a similarly situated health care provider in a like case.

Determining whether malpractice has occurred requires an investigation and expert analysis. Most victims are not medical professionals themselves, and health care providers usually don’t admit their wrongdoing. Our law firm works with qualified medical professionals to evaluate what happened. We pursue every opportunity for you to receive compensation.

What compensation can you receive for medical malpractice in Anniston, AL?

In Anniston, AL a medical malpractice legal claim may seek economic, non-economic and punitive damages, as they apply to the claim. Economic damages are financial losses which may include future medical care. Non-economic damages reflect the victim’s suffering. Punitive damages may be awarded, subject to statutory caps.

Medical Malpractice FAQs

Can you sue a doctor for malpractice in Alabama?

Alabama recognizes medical malpractice claims and the right of victims to claim financial compensation.

How do I get compensation for medical malpractice in Alabama?

To get compensation for medical malpractice in Alabama, you must file a legal complaint. The complaint explains in detail what happened and makes a demand for damages.

What is the Alabama medical malpractice statute of limitations?

The Alabama medical malpractice statute of limitations is two years. A victim must start their claim before two years has passed from the act or omission constituting malpractice. However, there are exceptions under the discovery rule.

How do I get a medical malpractice settlement?

A medical malpractice settlement is an agreement to fully resolve a claim for medical malpractice. The parties agree on the amount and the terms, and the case ends. You don’t have to accept a settlement. Our lawyers can help you negotiate and determine if a settlement is right for you.

Are children eligible to bring medical malpractice claims?

Yes. When a medical malpractice victim is a minor child, Ala. Code § 6-5-390 allows a parent with legal custody to commence an injury action.

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